AICTO Technology Academy (ATAC)

“Drawing the future through a high quality and specialized ICT training”

Considering that ICT capacity building is amongst the major components of the global sustainable development, The Arab ICT Organization (AICTO) has devoted a whole chapter of its Strategy and yearly action plans to building Arab capacities and identifying Arab skills in ICT. Besides, and to consolidate this activity, AICTO has re-structured the training activity by launching the AICTO Technology Academy (ATAC) .

“ATAC” is a sort of a training center operating under the authority of AICTO based on a special spirit, vision and mission. Indeed ATAC relies on international experts from the private and public sectors part of its associate sector, as well as its member states from Arab ICT ministries in running its annual program. This has also a good impact on experience share in ICT.

ATAC mission consists in offering training services based on the technological trends including a special program for professional training sessions, which covers the latest developments related to Cybersecurity, Digital trust and e-transation security, sepectum management, among others…
Besides, the Academy ensures certified training in conformity with the international standards.

Training program for 2020


The Arab ICT Organization AICTO offers two online courses for everyone who wants to gain an understanding of the latest technology outputs ,on the following two topics :

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Internet of Thing (IoT) is a modern technology in which all devices are linked to achieve many future opportunities, and how This Technology Can build projects with added benefit and economic feasibility. IoT technology will be clarified, its emergence and development, the structure of IoT and the protocols that govern it, and finally the course will end with a set of examples all over the world that have proven the merit of this technology and that it is the future of many projects in various different sectors.

Not only will there be an overview of the history of the Internet of Things, but there will be a complete explanation of the main components of this technology and how it has become a huge information economy on which the future is based on in order to solve many challenges and meet the Future requirements

At the end of this course, you will learn:

[1] The history and development of the Internet of Things technology
[2] The Internet of Things principle and its constituent platform
[3] The impact of the Internet of Things on the business and its commercial benefits
[4] Know the frequency bands of IOT
[5] Use Cases and practical orientations of IOT

IoT Course

This course will introduces An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence  (AI), its scope and applications; the definition of artificial intelligence and its origins, presenting methods of solving problems by searching using different strategies and exposed to methods of representation knowledge and knowledge-based systems as well as rule-based expert systems. Explains the importance and the usage of machine learning algorithms, its types and applications….


This course  will define the principle of AI, and will explore the related concepts.

It will specify the vocabulary and links between all the technologies involved (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, …).

AI Course