Webinar : “Universal Acceptance (UA) of Domain names and Email Addresses Internationalization”

The Arab ICT Organization, in cooperation with ICANN, has organized on Tuesday, 15 September 2020, the first workshop on universal acceptance of domain names and the internationalization of e-mail addresses using the Arabic language.

The organization of this workshop falls within the framework of the beginning of a cooperation program between both parties that will include many awareness actions, and trainings for the favor of experts in the Arab region, with a view to achieving universal acceptance of Arabic domain names and Arabic email addresses by all applications, systems, and platforms.

This will enable to contribute to the process of developing digital Arabic content and to develop an active Arab regional common market, in which AICTO is working on, and so for the development of Arabic digital content that is an essential element for the Arab presence in the global digital space and for defense and preservation of the Arab identity and privacy, as well as for building economic and social development.

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