AICTO and HUAWEI strengthen their cooperation.

Within the framework of strengthening cooperation between the Arab ICT Organization and “Huawei”, a meeting was held on Tuesday, November 24, 2020, which brought together AICTO’s officials with their counterparts from Huawei.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Director-General of AICTO HE. Eng. Mohamed ben Amor congratulated Mr. HOU Tao for his appointment as Global Vice President of “Huawei”, wishing him all success in his new duties, then he expressed his deep gratitude for the bilateral cooperation between AICTO and “Huawei” and his pride in the success of this partnership. Afterward, the Director-General of AICTO presented the outlines of the main projects and events scheduled for 2021, shedding the light on the importance of the continuity of this cooperation to accomplish the upcoming projects.
He invited by the occasion, Mr. HOU Tao to attend the inauguration ceremony of AICTO’s first regional office in Baghdad, Republic of Iraq, which will be held during the first months of next year.

Regarding the Smart Magazine project, recently launched by AICTO, HE. Mr. Mohamed Ben Amor thanked Huawei for their valuable contribution. He has expressed his willingness to pursue all forms of cooperation with Huawei in future issues.

From his side, Mr. HOU Tao _ Huawei Global Vice President thanked HE. Mr. Mohamed Ben Amor, Director-General of AICTO for the continued support provided saying: “The last two years of cooperation were very fruitful, we hope to further strengthen this partnership to work together to build a better future”.

Huawei officials confirmed their involvement through their know-how in the various AICTO strategic projects which aim to the development of the ICT sector in the Arab region.

During this meeting, Mr. HOU Tao presented to AICTO the overall R&D investment situation and annual performance of Huawei. He also mentioned that Huawei has always been committed to promoting and developing a better ICT talent ecosystem in the region with the Tech4ALL program. This program, of which education, environment, health, and development are the four major pillars, aims to ensure digital inclusion of all society.

At the end of the meeting, the Director-General of AICTO thanked Mr. HOU for the meeting and for Huawei’s efforts in Tunisia, in the Arab region, and in the world through developing the ICT industry in order to promote economic and social development.
From his side, Mr. HOU said: “We once again thank AICTO for its positive contribution to improving the communication technology sector as a major player in the ICT sector in the Arab region. We hope that by 2021, AICTO will formulate policies that support the digital industry to boost economic development and enhance ICT at the regional level”.

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