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WG 1 : “Arabic e-content Development”


Scope of work :

WG1 : “Arabic e-content development”  is working,  within the scope of :

  • The Arab Strategy for ICTs : “Building the Information Society”
  • The “WSIS” recommendations (Geneva 2003 – Tunis 2005)
  • The “Arab Economic and Social Development Summits”
    (Kuwait, 19-20 January 2009), (Sharm Sheikh, 19 January 2011), (Riadh, 20-21 January 2013)
  • “ Connect the Arab States Summit”, (Doha, 3-5 March 2012)

Tasks :

The main tasks of this WG consist of :

  • Launching and achieving projects, studies related to « Arabic e-content development » and «e-accessibility» within the Arab region,
  • Consolidating the Arab e-content on the Net and promoting Arabic to adapt the knowledge Society,
  • Contributing to the setting up of an Arab strategy for the digital content industry,
  • Building Capacity in the field of e-content producing according to the W3C global access standards through organizing practical workshops, and conferences to be informed about the latest findings and best practices serving the local content,
  • Coordinating the efforts deployed by all relevant parties either universities, research centers, public and private sectors, civil society, regional and international organizations to respond to the needs of the Arab Society.

Members :

The (WG1)  is composed of members from :

  • ITU
  • W3C
  • CCK  (Tunisia)
  • SanabilMed (Tunisia)
  • Botelho & Paula Consultoria (Brazil)
  • Telecommunication Ministry (Mauritania)
  • MCIT – Egypt
  • Ministy of communications (Iraq)
  • DotMedia (Palestine)
  • SI Technologies/Connect Arabs (Egypt)

Our associate members


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