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AICTO-Stratgic Goal (1)

SG (1) : Ensuring the transition of Arab countries to the All-Digital and enabling Arab Citizens to benefit from innovative digital services


Main components:

  • Embracing e- innovation and developing the leadership and excellence skills through the affiliation of private sector companies as associate members of the organization
  • Having a look forward towards the future and focusing efforts on digital creativity and innovation
  • Learning/taking advantages from the global successful experiences in ICT field

Involved parties in the implementation

  • League of Arab States
  • Ministries of Communication and Information Technologies in the Arab countries
  • All relevant parties (for any relevant coordination)

AICTO’s objectives of establishment (In relation)

  • Objective (9) : Preparing Arab Societies to the ICT requirements
    Objective (10) : Taking advantage of ICT international experiences

Our associate members


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