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Strategic Enablers

The strategic enablers are the supporting values for the implementation of the strategic vision and its goals

  1. Internal enablers
  2. Convenient Regional environment
  3. Need for a Regional coordinator
Internal enablers (AICTO)

  • A technical organization established within the framework of the laws and regulations of the League of Arab States
  • 17 Arab countries have ratified the AICTO’s establishment
  • Specialized and open organization, with complete readiness for development and innovation
  • A recognized organization having cooperation agreements with several regional and international organizations

Convenient Regional environment (Arab Region)

  • Shared values (language, culture history, …)
  • Common ambitious : Bridging digital divide, standardization divide,  creation Arab digital market, …
  • Readiness for change and for Arab and Regional cooperation
  • Openness to the rest of the world and will to adopt successful and best practices in the ICT field

Need for a Regional coordinator

  • A necessary need for a regional coordinating role within a multistakeholders model ( governments from one hand and the private sector companies, operators, and regulators from the other hand
  • The Arab Organization for Information and Communication Technologies (AICTO) has the full  potential to fulfil the role of Regional Coordinator in the ICT field

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