Arab SMC 2020

Arab Smart Mobility Congress 2020 

  • About the first ”ARAB SMART MOBILITY CONGRESS” [Arab SMC]

An Arab-International debate shaping what’s next in Smart Transportation in the Arab region and in the world in light of the global digital transformation.

Date & venue : TBC

We are witnessing big digital transformation’s era being driven by the emergence of many new concepts related to ICT &internet development, like: cloud computing, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI),…etc. thus, in this new era, as the digitalization is in the heart of all economic sectors, it is supposed to make our lives easier and more convenient. But, in order to achieve this goal, there has to be change in many sectors. One of the economic vital sectors to be impacted by this development and changed is “Transportation”.

The Arab SMC will be a premiere event in the Arab region gathering multi-stakeholder actors in the transportation sector presented by all its types and means (urban, maritime and air transportation) in the world. It will provide a platform for discussing and finding solutions and answers to the issues emerged by an increasingly populated urban areas in the most of the Arab region and will showcasing how digital transformation is transforming the transportation sector worldwide.


The AICTO initiative: « Interregional Digital Future – IDF© »
The idea behind the launching of the “AICTO-IDF©” is to provide an interregional high-level platform for an open and inclusive dialogue aiming at:

  • Exchanging and sharing of experiences and best practices in the implementation of ICT development strategies and in the field of capacity building
  • Dealing with the hot and high priority topics in the ICT field and finding the best ways and the sustainable solutions for drawing a sustainable digital future for the regions
  • Strengthening the potential cooperation opportunities and partnerships for the deployment of large-scale ICT projects with appropriate financing mechanisms towards the building of the “All digital” as the basic pillar for a strong Digital Economy.


Arab ICT Organization & Arab Academy for Science, technology & Maritime Transport
Host: Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport


  • Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport
  • BeiDou/ CSNO (Chinese Satellite Navigation Office)
  • Chinese Ministry of transportation
  • Coreen company (Smart Transportation)

WHAT ? : Activities of the Congress:

The Arab SMC 2020 is a 4-day event with 3 days international conference, international Exhibition, Business meetings and many other side activities.

    3-day conference
    20 + panels
    100 + speakers

Intenational SMART MOBILITY Expo
50 + International Exhibitors showcasing their cutting age sotutions and products

Space for networking and connecting with decision makers

Real-time Demos
Real-time presentations of international innovative applications and case studies


The Arab SMC-2020 is a Multi-Stakeholder and across sectors event, the participation will include high level governments officials representing both the transportation and ICT fields and regional and international companies providing solutions for the benefit of the Urban Mobility, Maritime Mobility and Air Mobility.

Target audience:

Participants will be:

Official representation from the Arab Level:

Arab Ministries of Transportation
Arab Ministries of Technology and Communication
State authorities and municipalities: to present their urban mobility solutions

Representatives from the regional and international level:

  • Developers of mobility services
    Transportation industry: Manufactures developing smart mobility-oriented hardware and machinery
    Academia, research and innovation centers
    International companies providing solutions for smart cities and mobility in particular
    Regional specialized organizations
    All interested parties


High level debate: Ministers and high-profile decision makers: National strategies for Smart cities in general and Smart mobility in particular in the Arab region
4th industrial Revolution: New era for smart cities
Green mobility : Safe and sustainable transportation
Future Mobility : Connected and Autonomous
Intelligent Transport Systems: Opportunities & Challenges for Arab region
Regulatory Challenges for the transformation in the Urban Mobility
Best practices: in developing smart cities with the focus on mobility/transportation
Mobility International trends
The role of GNSS for smart mobility (BDS/GNSS case: solutions and applications)
The way forward: visionary ideas to pave the way for the future Urban Mobility