Digital Initiatives 4 #CoronaVirus in Morocco

The Digital Development Agency launches several digital initiatives in favor of Administrations to accompany remote work

Considering the state of health emergency and the lockdown measures implemented to counter the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, several administrations have adopted the digital tool to promote telework and have chosen to limit the physical exchanges of administrative documents and letters.
In order to support this dynamic, the Digital Development Agency (ADD) is launching several digital initiatives to promote and facilitate remote work within Moroccan administrations.

1- The digital Registry:

This is a digital desk platform allowing administrations and public structures to create Digital Registries in order to manage electronically the incoming and outgoing mail flows. Citizens, companies, administrations and public organisms will be able to deposit their letters to the concerned administrations with an acknowledgment receipt.

2- The mail electronic counter:

It allows the automation of the mail treatment process within a given administration. This solution integrates functionalities allowing the administration agents to process and follow the incoming and outgoing mails via assignment and validation workflows.

3 – The electronic signature:

It allows a complete dematerialization of documentary flows requiring a probative value. for that reason, it integrates new functionalities, especially the management of business workflows (human resources management, purchasing, logistics, internal communication, etc.) and the electronic signature of administrative documents.