Digital Initiatives 4 #CoronaVirus in Jordan

1 – “You are not with us, we are with you” : 

Specialists in psychiatry in Jordan launched an initiative under the slogan “You are not with us, we are with you”, to help deal with stress, tension, anxiety, and fear of an outbreak of the Coronavirus which is based on video calling applications to hold therapy sessions. The initiative was adopted by the International Medical Corps (based in London and founded in Jordan in 2008), in cooperation with the Jordanian Psychiatric Association and the Ministry of Health. it provides psychological and social support services, through holding sessions for those demanding, through the use of video communication applications.

The initiative includes all citizens suffering from the symptoms caused by the spread of the Coruna virus. “Those who suffer from fear for themselves and their families from infection with the virus or fear of quarantine, isolation or death from the disease. ”

The initiative also targets medical care providers who are under constant tension, anxiety, and fear of injury, and who suffer from long working hours, fatigue and the protective equipment they wear. The initiative relies on video calling applications to conduct treatment sessions, for those who need them, after a preliminary evaluation by phone.

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2 – : 

Government officially launches ‘’ platform for shopping, delivery services

A week after the curfew in Jordan, the activation of the “mouneh” electronic platform launched by the government is started, which is a guide of companies and licensed applications that provide services for delivering goods to homes in all governorates of the Kingdom.

The electronic platform, “mouneh”, includes two main categories:  smart applications and electronic stores, which can carry out electronic ordering operations through itself or by calling, and provide home delivery services, according to the statement of HE. Mothanna Gharaibeh_Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship.

he adds that this platform would facilitate the livelihood of the consumer by delivering any goods needed for the door of his house without his need to go out, by providing the names of groceries and supply stores available in various governorates of the Kingdom, which can deliver goods to the nearby areas within the neighborhoods.

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