Digital Initiatives 4 #CoronaVirus in Emirates


  • Free Internet Data via Mobile phone to enable Distant Learning
  • Awareness voice messages when making a phone call
  • Availability of a set of applications to support distant learning and work from home
  • Online grocery
  • Encouraging the use of Service providers mobile applications
  • Extension of wireless authorizations and provision of wireless frequency backup
  • Network capacity enhancement and re-engineering
  • 100% Implementation of Work from Home for TRA employees
  • Online training
  • Emergency Broadcast
  • SMS Alerts to UAE national abroad
  • Suspension of deactivation of mobile services due to documents expiry to ensure service continuity
  • Assign FM Sound Broadcasting Frequencies for Drive-Through Health Examination Centre
  • Enablement of the UAE Government to Work from Home
  • Security Advisories on securing systems and infrastructure
  • Security Awareness campaigns for the public
  • Digital Identity & Signing Platform (UAEPASS)
  • Free Internet Data via Mobile phone to Health applications and platforms

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More initiatives from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in coordination with telecom operators (Etisalat and DU), has announced that an additional group consisting of five free educational applications is available on all networks in the country in the context of the procedures adopted to support online learning as one of the means to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. (Google Hangout Meet, Cisco WebEx, Avaya Spaces, BlueJeans, Slack).

In addition to these ones other applications were previously available namely: (Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom, Blackboard).

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The Ministry of Health and Prevention establishes a virtual hospital for the future which enhances the “telemedicine” system to prevent infection by:

– The adoption of digital health technologies to implement the strategy of the Home Hospital of the future.
– The use of advanced smart applications to overcome infection risks through digital solutions.
– The activation of health monitoring services as an essential pillar to support preventive practices.
– Providing specialist care and medical advice to patients at any time.

Telemedicine initiatives: a project with “DU” company; Telemedicine application as a basis for the hospital’s digital platform :

– “ACTIEST” service the first remote monitoring and treatment service for diabetics in the world.
– “Mido Pad” digital application to monitor the vital signs of the body remotely with artificial intelligence.
– “NACILOKOM” initiative for services of rheumatic diseases and arthritis by telemedicine system.
– “Enayati” platform includes smart systems and applications that are linked with a smart predictive bracelet.
– Tele – ICU for Intensive Care, Medical Simulation & Telemedicine.
– The project «On My Way » using the Cloud Computing technology for patients suffering from depression.

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