Digital Initiatives 4 #CoronaVirus in Egypt

Some initiatives of the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

For the Health sector :

  • Increasing the number of free hotlines to answer citizens’ inquiries related to COVID crisis
  • Providing for free to all doctors, nurses, and staff working in the medical field, 3000 minutes of communication, and 10 gigabytes of connection per month, in appreciation of their extraordinary efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the Education sector :

  • In collaboration with both the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education, MCIT provided school and university students free access to all educational websites during the suspension of schools and universities.
  • The government seeks to seize this opportunity to entrench the use of e-learning and distance education culture among students.
  • MCIT, in coordination with the Internet Service Providers (ISPs), increased the download quota of home internet packages by 20% to attend to students’ needs in browsing different educational platforms and websites.

For Ministry employees and affiliated entities

  • Holding E-meetings via video platform and suspending the fingerprint staff attendance system

For the services provided to citizens

  • Increasing the number of post offices operating in the evening period. Number of offices has been doubled from 350 to 2000 to prevent overcrowding in front of offices
    Encouraging citizens to use digital payment methods to pay bills
  • Providing all home internet subscribers with additional 20% of their internet to encourage them to stay at home for longer periods.

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The most prominent initiatives from Egyptian technology companies adopted by the Ministry of ICT to fight the emerging virus COVID-19

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The Zoorest app, which connects pet owners to the veterinarian in addition to various pet services, has launched an awareness campaign to educate customers that dogs and cats do not transmit COVID-19, after many of them have left their dogs and cats on the streets for fear of the virus infection.

It is a robotics platform speaking arabic for startups, to assist them in maintaining their business despite the risks of transmission of the virus. This platform revealed a promo code “Besafe” that is valid until 3 months and has already launched awareness messages with Careem Egypt and Iraq Pakistan, and the rest of the Arab countries will join them soon.

« Weelo Business » provided a free consulting initiative called “Save your Business” for companies and organizations in the supply chain, to connect them with industry experts and consultants via video and voice calls in order to help them navigate safely during this crisis.

These experts are specialized in distribution, finance, shipping, information technology, logistics, marketing, procurement, production, operations, sales, strategy, and warehousing.

It is a platform that connects car owners with approved car product suppliers, which began to raise awareness for its customers about auto sterilization against the Coronavirus, and also revealed the most common areas of the car that need special sterilization, in addition to providing various ways to stay safe before and after using their cars.

« Kemitt Company » for Trading in Furniture and Home and Electronic Office decided to exempt those wishing to display their products on its platform since the beginning of the quarantine period, provided that these products are in line with the quality of operation and the standards of the web presentation, and thus reduce the impact of the effects of corona on the furniture designers and manufacturers in Egypt.

The Agri DB platform for agriculture has created a service for agricultural companies to display their products and communicate with their customers for free for a period of three months, in addition to allowing suppliers to stay at home while communicating with customers, and thus these companies communicate with farmers and traders in different governorates.