The New Administrative Capital was selected to be the Arab Digital Capital for the year 2021, during the works of the 24th session of the Arab ICT Ministers Council, held on December 17, 2020, when the Council announced “the new administrative capital, the Arab Digital Capital for the year 2021”.

The Administrative Capital embraces efforts to achieve digital transformation, develop digital skills and capabilities, and stimulate digital creativity in a smart, integrated, and homogeneous environment, in addition, to inclosing an ecosystem that includes a solid partnership between all stakeholders to serve the goals of sustainable development and serve the largest national project “Digital Egypt”

HE. Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology in the Arab Republic of Egypt, affirmed that this choice will contribute to showcasing the development of the international information infrastructure in Egypt, introducing the national strategy for artificial intelligence, as well as directing the attention of international companies to the Administrative Capital as a smart city that all its services and facilities rely on Modern digital systems, adding in this context that Egypt has advanced in the global ranking in “government readiness for artificial intelligence” during the current year from the 111th position to the 56th in the world as a result of the great government efforts and multiple initiatives in the field of technology and digitization.
He also reviewed Egypt’s vision for establishing a digital Arab society based on three main axes: digital transformation, developing digital skills and capabilities, and stimulating creativity and digital creative work. These axes depend on important foundations: the development of the digital infrastructure and providing the necessary regulatory framework for the system’s governance.