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Project : Arab Youth Empowerment Network [AYENet]

Project overview :

Unemployment is one of the greatest challenges facing the Arab region in the 21st century. The UN Development Programme and the League of Arab States estimate that Arab countries must create 50 million jobs by 2020.

Now it is very important, to invest in “Arab youth” and rely on its intelligence and high capacity for entrepreneurship and innovation. On this basis and convinced that the ICT sector is full of investment and employment opportunities, AICTO is launching the “Arab Youth Empowerment Network” “AYENet” initiative to increase job opportunities for Arab youth in the ICT field.

Vision :

Our vision is to set up a dialogue with and between the Arab youth which counts nowadays more than 100 million between 15 and 29 years, and listen to their visions of the future, hopes and ambitions and accompany them in the achievement and piloting of innovative projects in the field of ICT or using ICT as a tool of empowerment.

Main objectives :

“AYENet” focuses on :

  1. Job creation : Raising awareness amongst Arab youth about the ICT potential for job  creation.
  2. Entrepreneurship : Encouraging the entrepreneurship, inventiveness, and creativity among youth in the Arab region.
  3. Equal opportunity for all : Giving the chance for all Arab youth to take advantage from ICT opportunities.


  1. Funding of renewable project ideas
  2. Capacity building and training
  3. Setting up of Technological incubators in the Arab region
  4. “Arab Youth Creativity” award
  5. Arab youth e-skills and e-competencies Network

  • All Arab countries, with priority to the least developed one in the ICT field.
Main players in this project :

  • Arab Labor Organization
  • Arab ICT & Youth Ministries.
  • Organizations & associations working in the field.
  • The Arab ICT Organization,
  • Arab Private sector (Operating in the ICT field),
  • Funding institutions,
  • All concerned parties.
  • Start date : 2012
  • Estimated end date : 2017
664.000 USD


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