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Project : Empowering Arab Women through ICT

Project overview :

Today, we are living within an era of Information Society (IS), where countries’ progress is assessed according to their degree of advancement in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), since ICT sector is deemed as being the best strategic tool for development.

Unfortunately, development hasn’t been achieved on an equal level and an important digital divide is a fact between countries, and inside every country separating the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’.

Furthermore, and when it comes to the women’s status within the Information Society (IS), and according to recent reports there’s a huge digital divide between men and women.

This divide exists at the global level since the number of women able to use Internet has been estimated to be 200 million less than men.

In the Arab region, and in spite that the women’s position has been continuously consolidated within the society, the digital divide between men and women exists in many countries. The rate of men using e-commerce services in 2012-2013 is well ahead the women’s rate in the region.

On this basis, “AICTO” deems it necessary to rely on ICT to reduce the gender divide being considered as a perfect tool to improve the Arab women’s situation, and consolidate their role in increasing development within their own countries and proposes the project “Empowering Arab Women through ICT”.

Main objectives :

  • Reducing the digital divide between men and women being considered as a development gap, and help women benefit from ICT opportunities namely through e-work.
  • Improving the rates of ICT use by Arab women namely in rural areas which will help reducing the inequity of opportunities in other fields,
  • Empowering Arab women in ICT and build her capacities through adequate training : e-commerce, e-marketing for small project.


  • Leading a survey to assess the Arab women’s access to ICT
  • Empowering Arab women through ICT
  • Fostering digital access to Arab women and girls in rural areas
  • Promoting Innovation & Leadership among Arab girls & women through ICT: Launching an award for the best pilot project in ICT

All Arab countries, with priority to the least developed one in the ICT field.
In cooperation with : Islamic Development Bank Group

Main players in this project :

  • Arab ICT & Women Ministries
  • Women organizations & associations in the Arab region
  • All concerned parties
  • Start date : 2008
  • Estimated end date : 2017
925,000 USD


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