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3. E-Empowerment

Areas of action :

3- E-Empowerment

Arab youth and women empowerment

The ICT sector is seen as a major tool for the sustainable development given the opportunities it provides to consolidate investment, launch enterprises, promote competitiveness and engender work, and therefore overcome the prevailing challenges in the Arab region related to unemployment and relevant Arab youth and Arab women empowerment in ICT and through ICT.

On this basis, and further to AICTO council recommendations in its 10th meeting, AICTO has set up a working group dedicated to “ICT & Employment” which is currently working on “Arab Youth Empowerment Network” (AYENET) project which aims basically at creating job opportunities for Arab Youth through launching ICT projects, in addition to promoting self initiative, and encouraging creativity and innovation through Public-Private Partnership.

With regards to the “Arab Women Empowerment”, the Riyadh Declaration ( Arab Development Summit, Riyadh 2013) related to Arab women empowerment, and the means to build their capacities to give them same opportunities as men to further participate in the political, economic and social life, AICTO launched a working group on “Arab Women & ICT” which first project is “Empowering Arab Women through ICT”.

This project aims at using ICT to reduce the gender divide considering the impacts this sector has on social and economic development, and the major role it plays in improving the Arab women’s situation, while helping them contribute to the development of their societies.

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