The selection of the Arab digital Capitals for the years 2022 and 2023 is based on the file study that will be submitted by countries interested in nominating one of their cities. This mechanism, in addition to the objectivity and credibility that it represents on the methodology, creates a new dynamic and spirit of competition between countries to highlight the developments made by each country in the technological field and its keenness to share this experience on the Arab and regional levels.
On this basis, the committee is composed of representatives from the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States, the Arab ICT Organization, and the International Telecommunication Union, while keeping the door open for experts from Arab countries to participate in the sorting of applications and submitting the proposal of Arab digital cities in the coming period to the Executive Bureau of the Arab ICT Ministers Council to pledge and make a recommendation in this regard to the Arab ICT Council at its next session to approve and announce Arab digital capitals for the years 2022 and 2023.

The schedule

• 01 January 2021: The opening of acceptance of candidatures.
• 31 March 2021: The closing of acceptance of candidatures.
• 01 April 2021: The beginning of the candidature assessment
• 30 April 2021: The end of the candidature assessment

Components of the candidacy file

Each country wishing to embrace the “Arab digital capital” is called to submit an exhaustive file including the following points:

• Vision :
– A complete perception of the digital city, the advantage, and abilities that qualify the proposed city. This perception stems from the country’s positioning of technology and digitization at the core of its strategies for economic and social growth.
– Provide a comprehensive view of resource mobilization and proposed financing method.

• Bodies participating in the organization: the institutions, agencies, platforms, and digital applications that will be involved or exploited during the activities of the programmed activities.

• Work program: a blueprint and preliminary program for the proposed / programmed activities, including at least:

1. An Opening and closing ceremony at a high-level protocol.
2. Organizing and embracing international and regional activities that handle the latest new technological trends at the global level on the one hand, and
contribute to the implementation of sustainable development goals on the other hand.

With the aim of:

– Promoting Arab and interregional cooperation and setting up fruitful partnerships in the digital field
– Encouraging inter-investment in the technological field
– Providing the appropriate environment for innovation and technological renewal for Arab youth
– Supporting digital inclusion by empowering women and youth in Arab societies, especially in rural areas, by using communication and information technologies
– Spreading the digital culture among children and surrounding people with special needs by enhancing the role of assistive technology

3. Organizing an Arab Technology Exhibition, an Arab Digital Capital Expo, that serves as a space for introducing Arab and international technological solutions
and innovations and highlighting the technological developments taking place in the Arab region (this exhibition is a permanent element in the activities of           the Arab digital capital, and it is organized periodically in every Arab city/capital selected to be the digital capital)
4. Organizing and hosting a regional competition or competitions that shed the light on success stories in the field of technological uses to develop other
economic sectors and to facilitate the lives of citizens by using technology.
5. Launching regional projects and initiatives to attract investments with the aim of achieving the goals of sustainable development 2030 and the required goals
in the Arab strategy and contributing to the implementation of the Arab initiatives of the International Telecommunication Union.

Contact Address

For guidance, further information, and submitting candidature:

Eng. Sami Trimech:

Mobile: +216 98 38 17 38

Mrs. Nada Laabidi:

Mobile: +216 27 49 45 09