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4. E-Innovation

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4- E-Innovation

In a world of a large competition and fast development, creativity in the field of software and relevant technologies has become amongst the basic elements helping companies to face new challenges and adapt relevant developments.

“Cloud Computing” has largely expanded due to its added value and the numerous advantages it provides. Indeed, it is considered as the latest and fastest data storing technologies. Besides, Cloud computing allows the protection of data as well as the easy access to it worldwide.

Aware of the vital importance to use and share data, and cope with the latest international developments in ICT in the Arab region, and aware that cloud computing helps a lot in reducing costs while offering better services to the Arab citizen which will contribute to Arab economic development, AICTO has launched the ‘Cloud Computing’ WG which is committed to follow up and update its relevant project “Cloud Computing Services in the Arab Region”.

Besides, the project “Towards a Trustworthy Mobile Broadband Networks & Services in the Arab region” which aims at improving the living conditions of the Arab citizen through contributing to the improvement of the broadband basic infrastructure, and enabling relevant investment, and improving the necessary services for “M-Broadband”.

It also aims at valorizing and developing the findings of the different parties in the Arab region concerned with the improvement of the living conditions of the Arab citizen in matter of e-certification, and increasing credibility to promote m-commerce in the Arab region.

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