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Project : ICT for a Sustainable Agricultural Development in the Arab Region

Project overview :

Agriculture is facing globally and especially in the Arab region too many issues and challenges such as climate change, water crises and shortages which have a negative impact on food safety & security in the Arab region in spite of having many enablers to reach the sustainable agricultural development.

Studies have shown that Information and communication technologies could play a key role in achieving the sustainable agricultural development and food safety if used for information, Knowledge and experience share between farmer communities though the world.

In the Arab region, farmers should be given the assistance they need to become more productive, innovative and responsive to rapidly changing markets, social and environmental conditions. So, ICT support should be used to make relevant knowledge available to them, in order to improve their agricultural practices and innovation systems.

Framework :

  • Promoting joint Arab action to build a common strategy achieving the regional food safety and the inclusion of information and communication technologies as an essential core of this strategy,
  • Contributing to the implementation of the “Arab food safety” program,
  • AICTO action plan (2012-2015),
  • Challenges facing the agricultural sector in the Arab region on one hand and on the other hand the opportunities offered by ICTs to promote it.

Main objectives :

  • Studying the prevailing situation of agriculture in the Arab region and in the world and highlighting the latest trends in the field,
  • Surveying the current state of the art of the effective use of ICT in agriculture in the Arab countries,
  • Appraising the “e-agriculture” role in bridging the digital divide,
  • Emphasizing on the role of the ICT application,
  • Highlighting relevant experiences, projects and programs on the Arab and International levels in the field for best practices,
  • Promoting capacity building of Arab farmers though ICT.


1- Studies & surveys
2- Awareness activities : Sharing experiences and best practices about the use of ICTs for the agricultural development.
3- Pilot projects :

  • Dryness Monitoring in the Arab region
  • Agricultural maps in the region
  • Early warning & yield forecasting

4- M-Agriculture : Mobile applications for the Agricultural Development
5- Arab “Agricultural e-book”

  • All Arab countries, taking into account their local needs.
Main players in this project :

  • Arab Center for the Study of Arid Zones and Dry Lands (ACSAD),
  • Arab ICT & Agriculture Ministries,
  • All concerned parties,
  • Arab Private sector (Operating in the ICT field),
  • Funding institutions.
Three years

  • Estimated Start Date: 2015
  • Estimated End Date: 2017
500.000 USD


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