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1. E-content & E-accessibility


Areas of action :

1- E-content & E-accessibility

Arabic occupies the 6th place worldwide from the point of view of dissemination, while it is ranked 113 amongst the 140 languages on the Internet, with a rate of 3%.
This is mainly due to the weak volume of Arabic e-content in comparison to and other international languages, such as Japanese, German, French, Chinese, among others.

Considering this, and aware that the content industry is the major engine of the knowledge economy, requiring the coordination of all efforts to promote an efficient and influential industry of the “Digital Arabic content” likely to flourish and develop, and compete at the global scale, AICTO has launched a working group dedicated to the “Arabic e-content development”, in addition to the setting up of an action plan to consolidate and promote the “Arabic e-content” within the scope of :

  • The Arab General Strategy for ICT – building the Information Society

                        – 1st strategic objective : “creating a competitive market for the Arab Information Society”

                        – 2nd topic : developing the Arabic e-content services and industry

  • The recommendations of the Connecting the Arab States Summit (Doha, 05-07 March 2012)

Besides, and since e-access has been adopted by the UN as a basic human right, and to ensure the deployment of an “Information Society for All” within the Arab Region, AICTO is focusing through its regional project on “Arabic e-content development” on “Promoting e-accessibility within the Arab region” for a better access to persons with disabilities in the Arab region.

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