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Project : Arab-African PKI Forum

Project overview

The ICT progress that we have witnessed in the last decade has forced governments and companies worldwide to adopt the digital alternative as the ultimate way to achieve the development at both economic and social levels.

The world has become more and more hyper connected with the emergence of many new trends, like: cloud computing, Big Data, Open Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality…etc.

Specialists from the optimistic side declare that this kind of technology and the related services will provide significant benefits for humanity, however, from the other side many concerns have been raised about the security and the privacy.
The big challenge facing governments and businesses alike is therefore: How to keep up with the tremendous progress in the digital world and keep their services and networks away from the cyber threats increasingly rising worldwide.

In this respect, the need to resort to strong e-trust services to check the user identity through Internet such as the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), is becoming a must-have technology since it provides a wide range of applications dealing with the identity authentication, confidentiality, access control, and security.

Moreover, regional and international cooperation are crucial, they must be supported by appropriate policies to go beyond creating laws to find sustainable and global solutions leading towards the interoperability and the mutual recognition in the field of e-trust services.

Within this scope, the Arab ICT Organization (AICTO) has launched its regional project “Arab-African e-Certification Authorities Network” in cooperation with the African Telecommunications Union (ATU), among other partners to meet the regional needs and requirements in the field.

Main objectives

Considering the heterogeneity of the progress level in deploying e-services in countries of both regions, the objectives of this project are to:

  • Provide the necessary support for the implementation of e-certification authorities in the Arab and African countries
  • Provide an appropriate framework to discuss and resolve issues related to identity management and digital signature within the Arab and African regions
  • Coordinate efforts to develop regulatory frameworks and policies in the field of electronic certification and e-trust services
  • Establish adequate cooperation with international organizations and consortia operating in the field of Public Key Infrastructure “PKI” and e-trust services (Technical, legal and regulatory)
  • Create a solid framework for “digital Trust” between countries of both region and with the other of the world while encouraging cross-border e-transactions and new ICT trends


The main expected project results are listed as following:

  1. An annual Arab-African forum dealing with the topic
  2. Joint actions in capacity building/consolidation activities
  3. A study focusing on the state of the art in both regions, while proposing adequate recommendations based on benchmarking
  4. Technical assistance actions for countries which are in the process of setting up their e-certification authorities
  5. Setting up of the “Arab-African Network” of E-certification authorities in the Arab and African countries
  • Arab Countries (LAS Member States),
  • African countries (ATU member States)
  • Mainly countries who don’t have a NDCA yet.
Main players in this project :

  • Arab & African ICT Ministries,
  • E-certification & authentication bodies in the Arab & African regions,
  • Regulators in both regions,
  • All concerned parties.


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