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2. E-Trust

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2- E-Trust

Feeling confident and in security when using the software and services available on the Net, is amongst the most important conditions to adhere to the Information Society. To achieve this, international cooperation in matter of e-transactions and cyber-security is necessary.

According to the latest statistics, the world counts nearly 3 billions of internet users.

Today, it has become clear that the more Internet offers important development opportunities, the more it opens the way to online dangers, thus threatening all social categories, unless the necessary tools for cyber protection are provided.

In this respect, and considering that ensuring the security of e-transactions on the Net is considered amongst the major elements that contribute to gain credibility, AICTO has launched a working group dedicated to ‘e-certification & cyber security’ responsible of the implementation of the “Arab PKI Forum” consisting namely of setting up an Arab network of the e-certification structures in the Arab region which will help develop e-commerce, and ensure the security of e-transactions through the Net in the Arab region.

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