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Arab-African PKI Forum

The establishment of the “Arab-African e-Certification Authorities Network” AAECA-Network

About the AAECA-Network  :

Today, as a result of the tremendous technological evolution, governments and businesses face increasing pressure to conduct their services and transactions online. Indeed, E-transactions are becoming a key driving force and an indicator of the development status of national and international economies.

Hence, the big challenge at that level is therefore: How to keep up with the progress in the digital world and maintain services and networks away from the cyber threats increasingly rising worldwide.

The Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), is known as one of the strongest authentication security mechanisms. Indeed, PKI is emerging as a broad and diverse landscape which relevant progress is fast enough to meet the urgent need for a secure and reliable online transactions between entities worldwide namely e-commerce.

Within this scope, the Arab ICT Organization (AICTO) has proposed the setting up of the “Arab-African e-Certification Authorities Network” in cooperation with the African Telecommunications Union (ATU), among other partners to serve the needs of the Arab and African regions in the field.

Objectives :

  • Gathering the Arab agencies/bodies of e-certification and PKI within a common network  to exchange the related experiences between Arab countries.
  • Establishing regional conventions ensuring the mutual recognition of the digital signatures even between Arab countries or other foreign countries.
  • Harmonizing laws related to e-signature and e-transactions between Arab countries on the one hand and with the laws of the European Union on the other hand…

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