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AICTO Technology Academy

Drawing the future through a high quality and specialized ICT training 

Considering that ICT capacity building is amongst the major components of the sustainable development, The Arab ICT Organization (AICTO) has devoted a whole chapter of its Strategic plan (2017-2020) to building Arab capacities and identifying Arab skills in ICT. Besides, and to consolidate this activity, AICTO has re-structured the training activity by launching the AICTO Technology Academy (ATAC).

ATAC is a training center operating under the authority of AICTO and operating within a special spirit, vision and mission. In running its annual program, ATAC relies on highly qualified international experts from the private and public sectors, part of AICTO associate sector, and member states represented by Arab ICT ministries. This has also a good impact on experience share in ICT.

ATAC mission consists in offering training services based on the latest technologies including a special program for professional training sessions which covers the latest developments related to computer security, e-certification and e-transaction security, spectrum management, among others…

Besides, the Academy ensures certified training in conformity with the international standards.



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