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AICTO activities are achieved within the scope of :

  • The Arab Strategy for ICTs : “Building the Information Society”
  • The “WSIS” recommendations (Geneva 2003 – Tunis 2005)
  • The “Arab Economic and Social Development Summits” (Kuwait, 19-20 January 2009), (Sharm Sheikh, 19 January 2011), (Riadh, 20-21 January 2013)
  • “Connect the Arab States Summit” (Doha, 3-5 March 2012)

Common Arab Action

Contributes to coordinating Arab States’ positions in the field of :

  • Radio communications, frequency , standards and participation in the relevant ITU Working groups,
  • Achieve the homogeneity of the ICT legal framework in the Internet governance,
  • Contributing to the implementation of the Arab Strategy for ICTs – building the Information Society,
  • Follow up of the WSIS recommendations on the Arab level,
  • Preparing guidelines for the promotion of policies and strategies related to the development of ICT in the Arab region.

Studies & Research

Contributes to providing  and disseminating information on the development of ICTs in the Arab region :

  • Indicators, strategies and policies, regulatory and legal framework, data basis and the different actors (Public & Private sectors, the Civil Society), investment opportunities, skills, ICT Arab products, etc..

Contributes to preparing studies and promoting technology watch on ICT major subjects :

  • Technology convergence
  • Promoting e-content creation & intellectual property
  • Development and promotion of scientific research
  • Capacity Building & e-education
  • Cybersecurity,…

Regional Initatives & Projects

Contributes to launching, coordinating and piloting common projects in Arab countries.

Until this date, the following projects have been adopted :

  • Project 1 : “Promotion of “e-accessibility” within the Arab region”
  • Project 2 : “Support for the Digital Broadcasting switchover and Mobile TV introduction in the Arab Region”
  • Project 3 : “Arab PKI Forum”
  • Project 4 : “Addressing the rise of Cloud Computing in the Arab Region”
  • Project 5 : “Arab Youth Empowerment Network” [AYENet]
  • Project 6 : “ICTs for a Sustainable Agricultural Development in the Arab Region”
  • Project 7 : “Empowering Arab Women through ICT”
  • Project 8 : “Towards a trustworthy Mobile Broadband Networks & Services in the Arab region”

Capacity Building & Technical Assistance

Contributes to organizing training sessions for professionals & decision-makers  from public and private sectors on different subjects, namely :

  • Radiocommunication Related Procedures,
  • Cybersecurity,
  • e-accessibility….

Contributes to organizing periodic events :

  • ICT partnership Days (presenting major projects).
  • Celebrating the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day.
  • Virtual debates according to the adopted subjects.

International Partnership

Signing Partnership agreements with :

  • Regional and international organizations specialized in ICTs,
  • The relevant Arab Patronat organizations,
  • Financing structures,
  • The Arab Business Forum for Information & Communications Technology.


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