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The AICTO aims at :

  • Developing ICTs and providing the necessary mechanisms to reinforce cooperation and complementarity between its members,
  • Promoting and enriching common strategies and policies for ICT development within the Arab region,
  • Unifying and coordinating arab positions serving their own strategic interest within international organizations,
  • Identifying the Arab needs and skills in the field of ICTs and providing the adequate environment propitious for making partnership relations and fruitful Arab cooperation in the field,
  • Encouraging Arab and foreign ICT investment in the Arab region with further identification of investment opportunities, incentives and available encouragements and facilities in the field,
  • Coordinating the regulators’ efforts so as to serve the Arab region needs and provide the necessary arab referencement in the field,
  • Reinforcing the private sector role through encouraging the participation of national communities and structures representing the private sector in all its activities,
  • Providing the adequate environment to prepare, upgrade and attract Arab ICT skills and experts taking advantage from initiatives and advanced experiences in matter of ICT deployment,
  • Preparing Arab Societies to the ICT requirements,
  • Taking advantage of ICT international experiences.

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