Arab Digital Capital Concept

In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, and referring to global experiences such as London, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Shanghai, and Stockholm, which each one is trying to make itself the capital of digital transformation and sustainable technological development through its leadership in the technological and digital fields and with providing a better life for its citizens using technology, the Arab Digital Capital is emerged to shed the light on the successful Arab experiences and the endeavors of Arab countries to join the ranks of other countries in the digital field and to achieve global leadership in this field.
The idea is based on the fact that technology has today become the backbone of sustainable economic growth and development, and on the conviction of Arab countries of the necessity of engaging in the global system that supports the technological revolution and creating an enabling environment for that.

The “Arab Digital Capital” is a city belonging to one of the Arab countries that will be selected annually to exhibit and embrace various successful initiatives and models in the field of digital uses and digital economy. The selected city has to launch many local and regional initiatives.
A series of events are to be organized to highlight the role of the city in particular and the state in general in adopting communications and information technology to enhance the economic, social, health and education environment, etc. … and increase the well-being of the society and emphasize its readiness to be one of the leading countries at the Arab and international level under the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Arab ICT Organization “AICTO” is the coordinator of the initiative in the region.


The decision of the Arab ICT Ministers Council No. 610 during the regular session No. 24 held through visual communication technology on December 17, 2020, which adopted the proposal for a mechanism for selecting the Arab digital capital from the year 2022. The proposal was submitted by a joint committee composed of the Arab ICT Organization as the coordinator of the Arab Digital Capital initiative, the technical secretariat of the Arab ICT Ministers Council, and the Arab Regional Office of the International Telecommunication Union.