The Executive Council shall work to follow through on the achievement of the organization’s goals and the implementation of the decisions taken by the General Assembly. It consists of seven members elected by the General Assembly among its members for a period of two years.

The Executive Council meets once a year unless it is invited for an extraordinary session.
Among the tasks of the Executive Council:

Supervising the implementation of the organization’s general policy and annual programs.
Studying the organization’s action plans and budgets before their assignment to the General Assembly for approval.
Proposing the annual membership fees for the associate members.
Submitting proposals regarding the AICTO’s membership procedure and its termination
Establishing specialized working committees, when necessary.
Studying and approving the necessary foundations that help AICTO in its mission as a “Specialized Hub of expertise”, while helping it to acquire and implement projects with financial returns.

President & Vice-president for 2021-2022

  • President : HE/Mr. Amir Al-Bayati, The Republic of Iraq
  • Vice-president : State of palestine represented by Mr. Ihab Sobaih – Advisor of the Ministrer of Telecommunications and Information Technology

7 members

Algeria, Tunisia, Sudan, Iraq, Oman, Palestine, Egypt

Executive Council’s meetings